Let us first thank you for your interest in our company.

We, at Icarus GEO, are a team of senior consultants and engineers with an extensive international track-record. Our team is fully equipped with cost consultants, logistics experts and business case consultants, who are able to, together with our suppliers, provide you with cutting edge solutions and alternatives to the traditional ways of construction.

Icarus GEO combines Engineering Excellence and new or alternative construction materials that are often considered intriguing, but not mainstream enough to receive the buyers comfort and confidence.

Icarus GEO is there to guide you and create the trusted environment to save cost; most often both in investment and over the total cost of ownership. A great example of one of our achievements is saving $150,000.- per km of haul way in the forests of Suriname, South America. We are representing and collaborating with so called A-brands only and have direct access to the source, and thus have close ties with our suppliers’ server management.

Icarus GEO, founded in Suriname in 2016, is proud to be the official distributor of Presto GEOSYSTEMS®, who is the pioneer and patent holder of Presto GEOWEB®, GEOBLOCK®, GEOPAVE® and GEORUNNER®. These systems are cost and time savers, which optimal technical solutions are generated in open communication between Icarus GEO, Presto GEOSYSTEMS® and Clients. Based on the aligned approach and solutions, a tailored commercial fee proposal is issued; success guaranteed.